From the Pastor’s Desk

Greetings in the midst of summer! Certainly the dog days of August are upon us. The gardens are growing rapidly (especially the weeds), and we are enjoying all the flowers that summer brings us. It may be summer but we are already gearing up fro fall and Sunday School and Advent.

In a few days Vacation Bible School will be with us. This is an opportunity for service with our children. If you haven’t volunteered, at least come for a night to see what is happening.

New things are happening. A knitting and crocheting group has formed. Check with Anita for details. This fall I am offering a Civil War Discussion group. I am not sure of the details yet, but hope to draw from the community and the church interested individuals for a lively discussion. I hope to have a meeting once a month, beginning with September 8th, at 7 PM.

I have met our new District Superintendent. Rev. Dr. Foster comes to us from parish ministry in Philadelphia. It is evident that he has a pastor’s heart, with teaching being a major emphasis. I have arranged for him to come and speak ( and to be introduced to our congregation) on one of my vacation weeks in October. Rev. Foster will be speaking on October 8th.

Lately we have been going through Romans on Sunday mornings. Romans is probably Paul’s best thought-out treatise. He did not know the church at Rome; he had not been there. So, in a way, this letter was a letter of introduction. Paul uses his letter to outline his basic beliefs and theology. This week, July 23rd, Paul, in Romans 8 talks about hope and patience. The 30th will cover the final parts of Chapter 8, and then on August 6th and 13th we will be in Romans 9 and 10. There Paul will discuss where Israel fits in with this new concept of faith in Jesus Christ. Come and learn. Come and fellowship. Come and spend an hour in God’s house with God’s people.

Continue to have a great summer! Enjoy the warmth and sunshine. But do’t neglect your faith. Take time to refresh and renew, and get ready for the fall that will help you grow in love, faith, and hope.

Rev. Peter



First blog post


Welcome to our Blog. This is the beginning of a new venture for our church. For now our blog will consist of our Pastor’s monthly messages and information from our Missions group.  We will be looking for a “blogger” to help get our message out. If you are interested see Beth Hajder. She will get you set up.